Liverpool's Art Scene - Secret Circus

Review – The Secret Circus

Fri, 22 February 2019
STUDIO2 at Parr Street, 33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool 

As a mum of two small children finding childcare can be quite challenging and also restrictive however with negotiation with the other half I got a pass to escape into the night. I ordered and jumped on the Arriva Click and arrived at Studio 2 Parr Street in Liverpool to see the most creative group of young performers I have met in a long time.

The group are The Secret Circus, a jolly band of 20s - 30s somethings who have brought their own style of cabaret to the stage. The curators are based in Liverpool, but they do travel the country and the world (LA and OZ) with their shows, and they put on such a volume of fabulous acts, but quantity does not detract from quality.

To describe the show in one concise sentence would be “(London’s) Café De Paris but with added scouse warmth, razor-sharp wit and pow you have The Secret Circus”

My favourite performers of the night were, Lesley and Leslie I was crying with laughter at their mind reading act and delighted with the mind boggling and tongue twisting songs from Jolly Boat who made a pub quiz song to the theme of Blurs Parklife. I loved Terry Arlarse and would recommend tracking down this Scouse poet’s genius whenever you can. I was wowed by Rowena Gander and her amazing 10 inch heals this woman has everything, Brains, Beauty and flexibility and strength you wrestle your grandmother for. Jynx Monster was fearless, strong and all a good woman should be! Lux DeLioux and her Little Red Bird was beautiful, and the act was hypnotic.  

As a lone woman, I was slightly skeptical at how I would feel in the audience, but I felt incredibly at ease and totally enjoyed myself. The audience in itself was a mixed bag; with a group of women out enjoying themselves and a bit of ‘banter’ with the acts which was really funny, a group of mixed gender friends enjoying a night out, (self-admitting) woolyback hipsters, parents and their daughter all enthralled and enjoying their night. No hen dos, or loud ones, which was great, and I would really recommend anyone to go along even by yourself!

The Venue was great, the Parr Street Studio 2 was just as good as I remembered it 10 years ago (OMG I must get out more) and the bar staff were really friendly and helpful. The curators and compares Eve and Little Peaches were cheeky, witty and wonderful.

It was all wonderful and I was a little sad I had to leave without seeing some of the acts, because being on my own I was slightly paranoid I couldn’t get home, but I managed to nab a cab before the onslaught of hen dos ravaged the city!

I will be defiantly be back and looking out for some of the amazing acts I saw at the event! Thank you, Secret Circus, for letting me into your creative and wonderful world.

Next playing at the Threshold Festival in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle on the 30thMarch.